Luther House Tampere

Welcome to Luther House

Who are we?

The Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland (LEAF, in Finnish: SLEY) is an association that works inside the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF). The LEAF is a confessional Lutheran organization established in 1873 with its background in the Lutheran evangelical revival movement.

Tampere Luther House is one of LEAF’s local Sunday service communities.

In Finland the LEAF organizes:

  • lively Sunday service communities
  • thousands of events every year
  • Annual Good News Festival (Evankeliumijuhla in Turku 26.6.-28.6.2020) which brings together 10 000 people
  • The largest Christian weekend youth festival in Europe ”Land Ahoy” (Maata Nakyvissa in Turku), which gathers together 15 000 participants.
  • Courses and camps for children and families, confirmation classes and Bible courses in Karkku Folk High School and camping centers of LEAF.
  • Production and publication of a Christian newspaper (Sanansaattaja), magazines for children (Vinkki) and youth (Nuotta) and essential Lutheran literature.

LEAF has missionaries in six different countries: Japan, Kenya, Russia, Estonia, South Sudan and Myanmar.

You are warmly welcome to Luther House!

Sunday service begins at 11.00 am (in Finnish)

Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland (LEAF)